Used Books


We have been happily overloaded with used book trades for many years, and the trades keep coming! In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number and size of trades coming to Gulliver’s Books, and while we wish that we could consider every book brought to us, we simply do not have the space to accommodate them all.  We only consider books that are in good condition in order to provide the best quality possible to our customers.

What We Accept for Trade:

Gulliver’s Books accepts Books, DVDs and Audio Book CDs in good to excellent condition that we currently need on our shelves.

Items that we cannot take include textbooks, magazines & periodicals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Reader’s Digest condensed books, adult series & inspirational romance, original software user’s manuals, coloring and activity books, family bibles, spiral bound books, books without spines or damaged books. 

Damaged books include books missing covers or pages, water damaged, stained, highlighted or marked in, torn pages, moldy, dirty, dusty, hairy, and books found at a transfer site or in/next to a dumpster.

Please review your books carefully before bringing them in to trade. We must refuse any trades that contain items in poor or damaged condition. We reserve the right to refuse any books that we deem unusable in our store.

How Our Trade Program Works:

Gulliver’s Books offers trading credit equal to 25% of the new cover price of any book that we can accept for our shelves. Hardcover fiction titles are the exception. We offer $1.50 worth of credit for any hardcover fiction that we can accept. We do not purchase books for cash or handle estate sales. Trading credits hold no cash value and will not be purchased by Gulliver’s Books.  Gulliver’s Books Used Trading Credits can be used toward the purchase of other used books in our store.  You only pay 10% of the used cover price shown on the yellow sticker and the other 90% is deducted from your store credit.  If you do not have enough credit to cover 90% of the used price, you will be required to pay the difference. 

We always have used books that are specially priced.  These books will have a Red X, Black X, or a $2.99 price tag on the front cover. These books are not included in our trading program and must be purchased with cash, check, or bankcard.  

Trading Size Limit:

Due to the high volume of book trades we receive every day, we must limit the number of books that we review at one time. Each trade must fit into one (1) of Gulliver’s Books red cloth bags. (One of our red bags hold approximately 30 mass market size books.) We can only accept one trade per household per day. Customers are required to transfer their books into the bags provided by Gulliver’s Books staff.  

Trades are processed in the order in which they are received. We are not always able to complete trades while customers wait because our clerks have many customer service duties to attend to during their work day and trades are processed as time allows.  Most trades are completed the day they are received and you may request a phone call when your trade is complete or you may come back later in the day to claim your used book credits.  Any trades that are brought in within 30 minutes of close will be processed the next day.

If you would like to take back any books that we are not able to use, you must return to collect your books by close the next day.  Any of these books left longer than 24 hours will be donated or discarded at Gulliver’s Books discretion.

Partnership with the Literacy Council:

We are proud to work directly with the Fairbanks Literacy Council to provide books for use in their various educational programs and for sale in their non-profit Forget Me Not Bookstore. Books that we cannot use can be donated to the Fairbanks Literacy Council at the customer’s request.  Please note that the Lit. Council cannot use outdated or damaged books. Additionally, they cannot use magazines, periodicals, encyclopedias, or Reader’s Digest condensed book, and we will not accept or pass along any of these items to them. We only pass along books that are usable and in good condition.  All others left with us will be discarded at Gulliver’s Books discretion.

We are not a drop off point for the Literacy Council. Please take any direct donations to the Literacy Council building, located at 517 Gaffney Road. Give them a call at 907-456-6212. Find out more about the Literacy Council of Alaska at