Book Club & Bulk Orders

Most Book Club & Bulk Order Titles Can Receive a 20% Discount.

Here's How:

  • Purchase off our shelves, or place an order for 5 or more copies of the same book and identify your order as a book club or bulk order at the time that the order is placed.  (Not all titles may receive the discount, please see a book clerk to check if the discount is available on your specific title.)
  • Books must be ordered, picked up, and paid for by one person.
  • Books will arrive in 2-3 weeks, so order in advance.  (If you're in a rush, we can get the books faster than that, but we cannot extend the discount to you.)
  • We will notify you when the books have arrived, and you'll get your 20% discount when you pick up the order.
  • If you would like to request a Bulk or Book Club discount on an order placed through our website, please put that in the order notes and we will get back to you with the elligibility of your order for the discount, along with a due date for your order.