Author Requesting Shelf Space

Thank you for considering Gulliver’s Books for the placement of your book.  We are approached several times each week by authors hoping we will sell their books.   While we hope yours is a book we can successfully sell, before you leave a copy for review, please consider the following:

Technology has made publishing easier, often without traditional professional editing, proofreading, and evaluation of marketing and distribution.  Consequently, the number of books we are asked to review continues to rise dramatically.  No bookstore can carry every published title, whether from a major publisher’s list, or self-published by a local author.

Many factors influence our decision to stock a book.  Of principle importance is whether the book will sell to the audience of our customers, whose tastes we know from more than 20 years’ experience.  We also consider the subject, production quality, marketing plans, discount terms, and the quality of the writing and editing.  Price is also of importance; the book must be of a comparable price to those that are similar in size, subject, and content.

We decline many books, including those by well-known and award-winning writers, often because they are not a good match for our store and our customers.  It is never a pleasant task to decline a book, but we cannot accept all the books that we review.

We would love for your book to be successful for both of us.  If you want to leave your book for review after considering the above, please come into the store to fill out our Authors Requesting Shelf Space form.

If we decide to carry your book and it is available through our main distributors (Ingram, Partners West, Baker & Taylor), we will bring it in from them.  If your book is not available through our distributor, we will consider getting it directly from you.

Please note that because of the increasing number of books we are asked to consider, we cannot take responsibility for returning any books.  By submitting your book for review, you are agreeing that all books submitted for review become the property of Gulliver's Books, and we will donate them at our discretion.

While we will make every effort to decide sooner, it may be several weeks before we review your book (particularly in November & December).  If you do not hear back from us within one month, you may assume that we have declined to carry your book.

If you are interested in entering a consignment contract with Gulliver's Books, please read and fill out our information for authors requesting shelf space and bring a review copy of your book to the store.